(Book) Physician's Handbook of Vitamin B-17 Therapy (32 pages)

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First published in 1973 by the McNaughton Foundation, this 32-page handbook includes topics like The Mode of Action of Vitamin B-17, Routes of Administration, Guidelines for Treatment, The Role of Positive Thinking, and more. This is the Second Edition, published in December 1973. See Contents.

*Printed as a spiralized book, mockup not exact.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome as always!

I loved the book. Very informative.

Marla Schmalle
Excellent book, but needs updating

Would like to see more recent experiences of today's physicians who may know more about the essentials for efficacy

Lynn Fontaine Chase
Physicians Handbook of Vitamin B17

I am not a physician, therefore, it was a bit too technical for me. However, I got the gist of it and the dosing abd puroise of B17, laetril, apricot seeds! A gave a copy if the handbook to a relative with liver cancer, who is starting on the seeds this week. Praying fir his improvement and possibly cured. Thank you 🙏

Chad Muse
Educational and Eye Opening

The hand book is an educational and eye opening read. A lot of useful information. Its crazy how this very useful information has been concealed from the public for so many years. How many lives have been lost, how many have been experimented on with toxic drugs because big pharma has suppressed this potentially life saving info? Thank you for publishing this handbook!

Beth Herman

Just gave the book to my good friend with the hope she contacts you. We are praying for a miracle. Also gave your website and products to 6 more friends.