(Booklet) “A Doctor Who Dared” - Cancer Control Journal-Sep/Oct-Nov/Dec 1976

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Our stunning discovery of this Cancer Control Journal from 1976 provides many unique glimpses into Dr. John A. Richardson’s battle with the government about his use of Laetrile for his patients during the 1970s. Many of the articles provide vivid details of both the arrest of Dr. Richardson and his subsequent trials, fighting for the medical freedom of choice he believed his patients deserved.

Some articles included in the 46-page booklet are:

  • A Doctor Who Dared
  • Doctor on Trial
  • Laetrile: Forbidden Weapon Against Cancer
  • Laetrile Called Political, Not Scientific Controversy
  • Laetrile ‘Smugglers’ Saw U.S. Protecting Cancer ‘Industry’
  • Patients Praise Laetrile
  • Dr. Richardson Sues Board for Return of His License
  • New Tributes Flood Doctor’s Trail
  • The Great Apricot Kernel War (Parts I and II)
  • Government Bureaucrats Stifle Cancer Research
  • FDA Uses Double Standard on Laetrile
  • Amygdalin on FDA’s GRAS List, Dean Burk Reveals
  • FDA Must Explain Finding Laetrile Safe and Harmful
  • FDA Scorns Laetrile Laws

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