Kris Richardson

Chief Nutrition Officer
         Richardson Nutritional Center

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About Kris Richardson

If you want to see Kris Richardson light up, ask her about health and nutrition.

Kris has been a heavy hitter in holistic modalities for over twenty years and has pursued an education in holistic nutrition since 2012. The “a-ha” moment came on February 29, 2012, when her personal holistic physician discovered that her chronic cluster migraines of TEN years were caused from consuming sugar. “I’d rather see you smoke cigarettes than eat sugar.” It was an explosive moment, realizing that she had been poisoning herself and causing her own inflammation and pain. It wasn’t the fault of injury or hormones or whatever else all the other doctors attempted to guess was the cause— it was her taste buds and sugar cravings that were the ultimate conductor for all of her pain. With an intense desire to finally be free of pain, she successfully removed toxins, gluten, dairy, and sugar from her life and continues to successfully train others on how to do this as well. Food can be wellness—or suicide.

Holistic nutrition pursues well-being from a whole-person perspective, looking at the complex interplay between the physical, chemical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental aspects of one’s life and being. As the mom of a blended family of 11 children, she can relate to the hustle it takes to make sure everyone not just eats—but eats well. Kris is currently continuing her nutritional education through a 1200-hour, National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) Approved, Holistic Nutrition Board Certification from the Energetic Health Institute in Arizona.

As the former CEO of AMP News, Kris Richardson also knows the importance of leadership and telling the truth. She believes that our overprocessed, literally plastic fake food, is killing adults and children. Her goal in life is to use her precious God-given time on earth to give families real nutritional choices that do not contain cancer-promoting ingredients, are packed with life-giving nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and taste great!

Kris’s unique ideas and innovation carry into her work as she creates effortless ways for today’s moms to help their families consume nutritionally dense foods “on the go” through her role as Chief Nutrition Officer of Richardson Nutritional Center ( Kris is also the happy wife of John Richardson who is the President of both Richardson Nutritional Center and Operation World Without Cancer.

What got Kris so interested in health and nutrition?

In the summer of 2002, three years into her education and 19 years old, she was in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. She suffered a broken C-5 vertebrae (neck), severed transverse ligament, thrown blood clot, damaged TMJ, and a dislocated knee. The migraines and pain were a daily, acute problem.

She underwent bilateral TMJ surgery to repair her jaw and remove the blood clot that lodged 1mm from her hippocampus. With no relief, she consulted her professors to discover any reason the pain would be so intense and discovered the muscle fibers around the affected areas of her neck and jaw were the primary cause of her pain.

As a result of that life-changing moment, Kris changed her pursuit from a degree in Forensic Anthropology with the desire to become a Forensics Medical Examiner to pursue medical massage therapy. Her primary focus was to understand how to become well. Barely tolerating the constant pain, she launched a mission to find out how to fix it, and a personal quest to repair herself, then others.

Through her hands-on training, she connected to other people with different ailments, and recognized an empathy for others and a desire to figure out how to help the body to heal itself. She determined that soft tissue damage in the muscles, toxic food, and unbalanced energy had woven together to create her unhealthy, painful body.

Kris’s goal was to discover how to extend the youth of each person she worked with and to utilize herself as the experimental subject. During the following ten years, she took as many relevant continuing education as possible, including becoming one of the first Medical Massage Practitioners in the state of Florida. She also personally fully vetted several diets and nutrition protocols and became educated about the truth about food. Vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, Keto, Pescatarian, O-blood type diet, intermittent fasts—all were personally practiced, with most becoming a lifestyle for a minimum of 1-2 years before transitioning to the next. Her focus was to recreate the healthiest body possible, with zero pain. In the process of all this, she became a leading therapist in her industry.

As a trained Medical Massage Practitioner (MMP), Kris worked as a professional athlete therapist at Applied Science Performance Institute in Tampa, working in the field of medical myotherapy with athletes locally and abroad in the NFL, MLB, NHL, Olympics, and other sports organizations from around the country.

An innovator in the health space, Richardson developed several techniques that efficiently corrected many muscular complications, was known as the “muscle engineer” by her peers, and was the only Supervising Therapist in the state of Florida to successfully train and license an Apprentice in 26 years.

After 18 years of working diligently in myotherapy, she was forced to retire from her practice in 2021, due to shedding. COVID initiated a nearly three-year break for her to bravely run a news network and tell the truth about the health crisis that was happening. With the media world now flooded with truth, she has transitioned back into her natural environment of pursuing wellness for the body through nutrition.

This mom of 11 does not want her kids to someday take care of her. "I want to live past 100 in a healthy, fabulous body, with a sharp, sound mind. Just because I almost died at 19 does not mean I have the right to sit around and fall apart. The body can regenerate. It can heal. We are made in God's image, and therefore, we can truly accomplish anything with these bodies and souls as long as we have the intention to be well."

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