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Discover the powerful potential of laetrile B17 with our high-quality 500mg capsules. Our vitamin B17 tablets contain amygdalin, a naturally occurring compound found in apricot kernels and other plant-based sources. 

At Richardson Nutritional Center store, we prioritize your health and satisfaction. Our laetrile vitamin B17 capsules are carefully manufactured under strict quality standards to ensure purity and potency. 

Explore the benefits of Laetrile B17 and its potential role in supporting overall health and well-being. Buy laetrile B17 500mg capsules today and embark on a natural journey toward wellness!

Dr. Ernst T. Krebs originally came up with this concentrated formula called Laetrile in the 1970’s and after introducing it to his colleague Dr. John A. Richardson, MD. Dr. Richardson had great success pioneering the use of Laetrile along with his Richardson Clinic Protocol in Albany CA in the 1970’s, eventually after his great results he wrote the book “Laetrile Case Histories” along with Patricia Griffin, RN wife of renowned speaker and writer G. Edward Griffin.*

Laetrile is a great way to get your B17! 

Customer Reviews

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Anthony Parker
Half way

Hello! I am at around the half way mark through the bottle of Laetrile. I am AMAZED at how well I've been feeling lately. I've tried a lot of supplements, but this one is working so well, and my hopes have never been higher... Love it!!!

Mark Rada
Great service

Most important is supporting a truth seeking company shining the light on medical corruption. I am an MD and I am appalled at the degree of lies and corruption within the medical field. Most doctors are just useful idiots and are not “in on it”. They legitimately believe what they are told from on high. I’m doing my best to educate whenever I can. I don’t know how well it’s working but I know how Sloan Kettering hid the truth about their own data regarding laetrel Thank you

500 mg capsules

I thing that these are the best, no bitter after taste. And I'm feeling a lot better.

BD Malone
Not really long enough for accurate review

I've only been taking them a short time so can't really say. More.than two caps a day cause vomiting. Two caps cause manageable nausea. I'm hoping to increase over time.

Arthur Villarreal
Fast service, cloudy dosage instruction

My order was easy on the site and delivered quickly. But the dosage instructions on the bottle are a little hazy. “One or two capsules per day with each meal” does that mean only one or two capsules daily taken with food, or one to two capsules with each meal? So if I eat 3 times a day that’s 3 to 6 capsules. What is it?