Bitter Apricot Seed Meal 16oz

Suggested Use: Start with one scoop a day, eating no more than 5 scoops per day unless otherwise directed by a nutritionist/health professional.

Consult a nutritionist for recommendations.One scoop is 1.25 CCs which is equivalent to one-fourth teaspoon.

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Apricot Seeds are a great source of B17, which is found in a variety of natural sources such as raw nuts, vegetables, seeds, and the pits of fruit. Our seeds are inspected and tested for potency. To create our Fresh Bitter Apricot Seed Meal, we gently “COLD” presst he oil out of the seeds so that the meal retains the FULL complement of B17, B15, enzymes, protein, and fiber. Simply add a few scoops to your beverages and foods to get your daily B17, Pro Enzymes, and Pro B15. Scoop included!

Servings Per Container: Approx. 450 Scoops

Customer Reviews

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Indiana PFW
Clean supplements

I got it for my neighbor,. I gave it as a gift for her dog, hoping to provide relief for a tumor that disabling her beloved pet. It's not bitter at all. It's worth the benefits.

Madeline Coverdale
Did not deliver!! No respond from team!!

I have tried to contact you all via phone call, email, and even resorted to an instagram direct message but still have not heard back. I have not received my order and will need a new order shipped to me asap. Please help!!

Daniel Perez
Still waiting

It has been over 2 weeks and I still haven’t received my order . Sooo I can’t leave a review. I could leave a review about shipping . It’s bad !!!

Tina Maas
I received seeds in error

I did contact the center but I have not heard back from them. I can’t eat nut and that it’s the reason for the meal. I want to return the nuts but I need to understand their process.

Monica B.
About the RNC Fresh Bitter Apricot Seed Meal 16 oz.

I decided to start taking this as a preventative, along with the other supplements I take daily, to help counter attack all that's being put into our environment. I've been adding two to three scoops per day to my morning oatmeal. I've had no stomach issues from the start. The taste is bitter and I'm still getting used to it, but I feel it's worth it. Also, great packaging and easy to reseal. Scoops are small so it'll take a while to use up 16 oz.; great value. I've decided to reorder on Subscription. Recommended!