B17, also known as amygdalin, is a substance found naturally in over 1200 different foods including the seeds of many fruits (such as apricots, plums, cherries, oranges, nectarines, apples and peaches) and many kinds of raw nuts.

Laetrile is a partly-synthesized form of refined, concentrated amygdalin.

Dosage varies from person to person! Please consult your naturopath, homeopathic physician, kinesiologist, or physician of choice to determine the best amount for your needs

No. The chemical action of laetrile is completed in a few hours, leaving behind absolutely no buildup.

Typically, the most severe reaction to too much amygdalin is an upset stomach. And NO—there are no known cases of death caused by Laetrile, Amygdalin, or B17. 

Absolutely! We're just restricted from making any claims about our products or telling you how much to take. Leave that up to your doctor—they're the experts!

A balanced diet is essential to a healthy life, and few of us consume enough vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat. B17 contains powerful immunity-boosting properties to strengthen your body's natural defenses.

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