Apricot Seeds 32oz

Suggested Use: Start by consuming 3 seeds in an hour. Do not consume more than 3 seeds in an hour or 10 in a day to start. Consult a nutritionist for recommendations.

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Apricot Seeds are a great source of B17, which is found in a variety of natural sources
such as raw nuts, vegetables, seeds, and the pits of fruit. Our seeds are inspected and
tested for potency. The more bitter the seed, the better the benefits! Our mission is to
bring only the best California seeds to you and your family.

Servings per container: Approx. 1500 seeds

Customer Reviews

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Michael Swarn

Good, serves its purpose well

Kyle Johnson
Best deal I could find!

The seeds taste like almonds and the after taste is like black cherry, I have even started a few Apricot trees in my greenhouse from the seeds and I will be taking at least 5 every day to help with what I suspect are fatty tumors and to help with any other cancers I may be developing. It's a real shame the government has a fascist relationship with big pharma but supporting RNC is a way to fight back. Thank you!

paul wolowiec
Great company

Great products! Fast shipping!

Doug Brown

Well,I took the 3 seeds first hour.a few hours later was vomiting.next day I had 5 or 6 though out the day no problem. Now I can have 10 a day no problem. They really don't taste that bad at all. I hope they do what they are supposed to do.thanks

Robert Simcic

Apricot Seeds 32oz