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All-natural supplement bar that contains over 250 mg of B17.

The B17 Better Bar is an all-natural supplement bar that contains over 250 mg of B17. It’s a yummy way to incorporate B17 into your daily diet. Parents, your kids will love the BBBs as a healthy snack at home or in their lunchbox!

The B Better Bar contains over 250 mg of B17 per bar through RNC Apricot Seed Meal (ground apricot seeds). Dr. John Richardson, MD., father of RNC’s John Richardson, Jr., suggested that for a healthy individual, it was good to have at least 100-200 mg per day as part of their diet, since there was such a lack of foods containing nitriloside (B17) in the American diet. 

The tale of the B17 Better Bar is a true American ingenuity story! One of RNC’s business partners, Al Bender, discovered B17 a decade ago and encouraged his whole family to start taking it to improve their overall health. Al’s mom first made fudge with Apricot Seed Meal, then Al’s wife, Terri, took that idea to perfect a recipe in her Minnesota kitchen that has become our B17 Better Bar. The ingredients Al and Terri have chosen are fully natural, down to the honey that comes from a local beekeeper! 

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Customer Reviews

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laura marenco

Excellent, Great Snack, Great Taste


These are SO good!!!!!! Would love to be able to make my own, is the recipe shared anywhere?

Sunny Pedroza
variety of flavors

The bar is tasty but a bit difficult to hold on to because of the oils. I was hoping the bar would come in a variety of flavors. chocolate would be good. I did like that the bar is pre-cut in fourths because it makes it easier to handle.

James Coniglio

Just OK for now, I've had a cold so hard to tell at this time. taste and texture need small tweek.